Entoto & UPstir Allstars/Richie Phoe - Lungs Of The city - (Roots Garden Limited dubplate #6)

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Only 55 copies available on hand cut and hand numbered 10" polyvinyl.... NO DIGITAL OR REPRESS OF THESE DUBPLATE MIXES AVAILABLE.

Roots Garden present the final instalment in our limited Dubplate series #6 (0f 6)
A: Lungs Of The City - Entoto & The UPstir Allstars
B: Entoto Rock (dub mix) - Richie Phoe

Roots Garden unleash this previously unreleased funky reggae dancefloor thriller from their dubplate basket!
Recorded and produced by multi instrumentalist Fada Rees featuring the Upstir Allstars incl: Leroy Horns (saxophone), Cate ferris (flute) & Jon Jones (hammond organ).. Mixed by Brighton's dub master Richie Phoe.

This year Roots Garden celebrates 25 years since the launch of the legendary weekly Tuesday night Brighton club sessions. To mark the occasion we are releasing a limited series of previously unreleased heavyweight Dubplate mixes and one-away tunes from the Roots Garden dub basket!

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