Manassseh Meets Praise -LP (digital release // streaming & download)

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Roots Garden records present a brand new 10 track LP
available on download // streaming

1.. Yes Mic
2. Dub With A Difference (feat: Earl 16 & Vin Gordon)
3. Circus Clown (feat: Nathan Flutebox Lee)
4. Feelin
5. Ice Man Talking
6. GreenBar
7. London Babylon
8. Nathan The Prophet (feat: Nathan Flutebox Lee)
9. Zadok The Priest
10. No More Struggle

A collaboration between dub producer Manasseh and virtuoso violin-viola player Praise, this is the culmination of their work together over the last ten years and follows the 2011 single 'Matter of Struggle'. An audiographic blend of classical and reggae music, the unique result of the artists' backgrounds and specialisms, creates a heavy rhythm that carries many layers of feeling and contrasting moods, reflecting the calm within the chaos of city living. The mesmerising visual accompanying the lead single 'Yes Mic' captures this duality and takes it further.

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