Omar Perry - Living In The Jungle (new UK LP // double vinyl/vocal & version)


For a relatively small Cathedral City in the UK's East Anglia region Norwich has long punched well above its weight when it come to the reggae scene! The Roots Renegade crew keep the flag flying high with this beautiflly presented killer LP from Omar Perry son of none other than the man himself Lee Scratch.
DJ firendly heavyweight double vinyl in a vocal & dub version fashion housed in a stunning jacket. Cover art illustrated by the celebrated artist Jerry Neville (Aka Jeremiyah) with additional graphical design from the notable Lewis Snitch!

Mixed produced by Norwich's Vinney Satta and King Bracket. With a wehole host of guest musicians.

A1. Why Do We Cry
A2. Liberation (Produced By King Bracket)
B1. The Hunter
B2. Vida Sunshyne Ft. Omar Perry - Stay Focus
B3. Raggy Road
C1. Cry Dub
C2. Liberation Dub
D1. Dub The Hunter
D2. Focus Dub
D3. Raggy Dub