Manasseh Meets Praise - Nathan The Prophet / No More Struggle (Dubwise EP 12" vinyl /digital)


A1: Nathan The Prophet - Manasseh Meets Praise (feat: Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee)
A2: Dub The Prophet - Manasseh Meets Praise (feat: Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee)
B1: No More Struggle - Manasseh Meets Praise
B2: More Struggle - Manasseh Meets Praise

Two tracks lifted from the brand new Roots Garden records LP
'Manasseh Meets Praise'. Presented with their counterpart & previously unreleased dubwise versions... available exclusively here only on bandcamp. Pressed on pristine high quality vinyl. Comes in a plain card disco sleeve.
*pre-order excluisvely via bandcamp now and get the track 'Nathan The Prophet' as an exclusive early digital release.

A collaboration between dub producer Manasseh and virtuoso violin-viola player Praise, this is the culmination of their work together over the last ten years and follows the 2011 single 'Matter of Struggle'. An audiographic blend of classical and reggae music, the unique result of the artists' backgrounds, creates a heavy rhythm that carries many layers of feeling and reflects the calm within the chaos of city living.
The multi talented 'Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee' joins Manasseh & Praise on 'Nathan The Prophet' his majestic flute lines cascading thrtough the echo chamber on 'dub the Prophet'.

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